The Team

We all have our own strengths. When those strengths pull together in unison, amazing things happen.

Kathryn Howell

Managing Partner

Kathryn lives and breathes social media and has a keen understanding for what messaging consumers respond to. Her passion lies in the creation and execution of a brand’s social media strategy and pours her heart and soul into each engagement. Over the last 10 years Kathryn has built relationships with bloggers across North America and has executed over 100 top trending twitter parties and blogger programs. When not working, Kathryn can be found paddling with her family on one of Ontario’s finest lakes.

Meagan Smith

Social Media Specialist

Meagan is a decisive, driven and dedicated digital marketer. Meagan graduated with a BA in Communications from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2015 and has since eagerly jumped feet first into the digital marketing scene. With her sleeves rolled up and a team-first mentality, she brings an appetite for learning, Chicken Pad Thai, country music and digital marketing to work every day. Meagan is one of those people who excels in a trial by fire and is constantly searching for new trends in technology and how brands can make real connections. In her spare time, Meagan can be found frequently quoting Friends, or testing her skills in the kitchen.

Christine McNaughton

Social Media Strategist

Christine has been helping entrepreneurs (both local and nationwide) with their social media strategies for the past four years. Christine received her B.A. in Honours English from York University and is passionate about cultivating relationships and nourishing existing ones. When it comes to social media, Christine is active on most current platforms but her favourites are Twitter and Instagram. When not tweeting or helping clients with their social media, Christine can be found helping her husband run their family farm and cooking up healthy meals for her loved ones.



Zeev Orzakovski

Managing Partner

Zeev’s happy place is when he’s working on big picture strategy with clients. He’s also the numbers guy who loves checking under the hood to understand what the analytics are telling us. Zeev leads the Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Programmatic Advertising, SEO and Web Development projects for our clients. Zeev received his MBA from Wilfrid Laurier School of Business in 2006. In his spare time, Zeev can be found playing beer-league hockey or lakeside with his wife and two boys.

Jake Murad

Digital Marketing Manager

Jake’s background in Digital Media first started when he go the opportunity to workth withing the Tampa Bay Rays professional baseball organization. After more than three years of experience working in advertising agencies and corporate environments, just like in baseball, Jake focuses his attention on statistics and robust analysis to ensure that marketing initiatives deliver optimum business results to clients. He also values creativity and fresh ideas to generate buzz around brands. When not on an electronic device, Jake can be seen playing sports, travelling, or watching Game of Thrones.

Leena Patel

Social Media Coordinator

Leena is currently a student at Western University in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies. She is also working towards a Certificate in Digital Communication with a specialization in social media. With that being said, Leena loves all things social media. Instagram and Pinterest, however, are her favourites because they allow her and others to represent themselves and their online identity in a unique way—through a collection of images. When she is not working, Leena can be found reading a book, seeking out new coffee shops or finding new music to listen to.