8 Essentials for Hosting a Killer Halloween Party

8 Essentials for Hosting a Killer Halloween Party

8 Essentials for Hosting a Killer Halloween Party

Happy Halloween party planners! The long-awaited season of costumes, pumpkins and candy corn have arrived. If you are hosting a Halloween party, Candy Funhouse has everything you need to make this year’s party epic!  

To get you started you’ll need  lots of spooky decorations, crazy costumes, dubious foods, haunting music, and lots and lots of candy.  

Feeling overwhelmed?

Relax! Here are 8 smart tips to help you host the best Halloween party ever:

1. Entice your guests with a formal invitation

The success of your Halloween party starts with your invitations. It sets the mood of your guests long before the party even starts.

This is your chance to be a little creative, make the invitation spooky yet detailed. Give your guests hints to help them prepare for the party. Let your guests know about the dress code and what to bring.

Send out the invites using traditional mail (send 4 weeks in advance), e-mail, or a post on social media.

2. Be creative with the decorations

Your decorations will set the atmosphere or ambience  as the guests start arriving. Sure, you  could use a few fake spiderwebs and black out light bulbs, but if epic is what you are after then you need to go all out. Start with a bang and have the craziest piece at the entrance of your house.

Start with cobwebs spread out  throughout the party, , creepy decorations like skulls and witches, jack-o’-lanterns, scarecrows, or even a fog machine for that extra dramatic effect.

To make it more fun, you can use motion sensors to create creepy cackles or boos as a form of greeting along your walkway.

3.  Provide unique food varieties and Halloween candy

The good news is that anything goes in terms of food at Halloween so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Provide dubious foods like spaghetti and meatball brains, pigs in a blanket disguised as several fingers, ghost cookies, rest in pieces, and much more. Just think outside the box.

This one should go without saying but hey we are Candy Funhouse so we are going to say it. What would a Halloween party be without the  all-important Halloween candy! You will need to be prepared with enough candy for your guests and all the little trick or treaters who are going to be showing up on your doorsteps. To be epic create a candy bar consider vampire blood (out of licorice, spider eggs (out of m&m’s), pumpkin teeth (out of candy corn) rest in pieces (you catch our drift)

4.  Think up something unique but play it safe

Your guests already know the dress code may be kick it up a notch by holding a contest? Your Halloween party would be more fun when your guests have put in extra effort on the costumes. So make it clear; encourage them to put effort into their costume and dress a little spooky. This makes it all funky right from the entrance.

It becomes more exciting when you host a costume contest. Include prizes for the different categories you choose. You may decide to have women’s, men’s, and children’s costume contest.

5.  Get the Booze Ready

If you’re hosting an adult Halloween party, remember to get the booze ready.

Serve your drinks in a cauldron or freak your guests out by buying a zombie hand to hold the ladle for serving.

You can also chill your drinks with skull or eyeball ice cubes to make your guests think twice. Finally, Jello shots are an all-time party favorite.

6.  Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

Get a Halloween playlist and play the theme song to set the mood. You can also use streaming devices like Spotify, or YouTube, or Pandora to play your tunes. All the Halloween playlist have already been created; just plug your phone to your speaker and get the party rolling.

7.  Consider interesting Halloween activities

Adults usually loosen up after drinking a little bit of boozy punch. Feel free to organize some adventurous games after everyone has loosened up. Movie & tv trivia, murder mystery, shot in the dark are some ideas to get you started.

The kids on the other hand will be going through a sugar rush so plan accordingly. Plan for activities that will help them burn all that extra energy in a safe environment, a spooky bouncy castle anyone?

8.  Get Your Candy in Bulk – Save Cash!

You would need lots of candy this Halloween, not just for your guests but also for the little trick or treaters. But you don’t have to break the bank to be generous to every superhero, witch, or little goblin that comes knocking on your door.

Buy candy in bulk to save money. Most traditional stores will be charging a premium at this point, but you can still save by purchasing from an online candy store selling in bulk.

It’s easy to make this year’s Halloween party one for the books. Just follow the guide above, be safe, create a fun environment, be creative with food and drinks, have a ton of candy and most of all have fun, after all it’s a party and an epic one at that!

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