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Digital Marketing Strategy

Everything starts with an idea and some strategic thinking.  We’re wired to think and craft digital marketing programs with a strategic mindset. Sometimes, our clients have their strategy well in place, know exactly where they need to go and how to get there. We love those clients, and are always there as a sounding board for their vision.  Other times, clients need a fresh perspective and some entirely new ideas and will rely on H2O Digital to help think through and give life to a new strategy that makes sense for their business.

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The Grand Poobah of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be the domain of the online gurus and Fortune 500 digital marketing teams.  Today, with a little guidance, increasing your organization’s rankings on search engines like Google  is accessible and a must for businesses of all sizes.  Why focus on SEO first?  Because once your keywords start ranking high, you’ll become far less reliant on paid advertising channels.  From site optimization to social to producing content that ranks, and all the fine-tuning in between, H2O will help improve your organic search ranking performance. 

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

While we’re busy building out your SEO ranking performance, you still need to ensure your business shows up on that first page of search results when a potential customer is looking for your services.   PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising enables companies to show up on page one of search results by bidding on relevant keywords for their business.  Done right, PPC advertising will drive high-quality traffic to your site and have your phones ringing with folks interested in more information about your business.  Step that effort up a notch with Retargeting and have ads consistently served to users that have previously visited your site so that when they have made the purchasing decision, you’re business is not only top-of mind, its one simple click away. 

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Social Media Marketing

While the days of putting up a Facebook Fan page and seeing the traffic and fans roll-in are behind us, Social Media Marketing remains one of the most effective, flexible and affordable channels for reaching new eyeballs and keeping your existing fanbase loyal. The need for professional social media & community management is more important today than ever. Staying on top of all the relevant social media platforms and their respective advertising option is key, as is the ability to truly connect with your audiences in an organic way.  There is that happy medium that should be employed – but its not as simple as putting your part-time summer student on the job. Social Media, like any other marketing channel should be deployed by someone with enough expertise to do it right.

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Web Design

Our philosophy for designing websites is simple. Keep it fresh & clean, keep it optimized for search, and make it easy for your visitors to get the information they need. Sounds simple enough?  Ask us about how we can help take your vision for your next website and turn it into an effective marketing tool in your company’s arsenal. Find out how H2O can help design and build your next web project.

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Cause Marketing

With the explosion of social media as an incredibly powerful tool for helping spread awareness about any given cause, organizations, corporate driven initiatives or non-profits are enjoying more exposure than ever before.  Some of our favorite projects have been working with organizations looking to leverage online communication to help spread the word about their cause.  Tell us more about your cause – we’d love to help spread your important message. 

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Influencer & Experiential Marketing

Online Influencers are folks that have a blog or a wider following on social media than the average person.  When an Online Influencer posts something, his or her peers take notice.  Many grass-roots marketing campaigns have been built on the foundation of having Online Influencers talk about about a brand or a cause. Of course, the trick is cutting through the clutter and creating campaigns that stem from authenticity and authority. That’s where H2O can step in and develop an Online Influencer program to either kick-start the buzz around a new product or service or spread an important message to a wider audience.  Brands need to tell stories about who they are and what they stand for. Its pretty tough to do that in only 140 characters and a cool photo alone.   Online influencers have the stages and platforms to help tell your brand’s story, and H2O has the experience in making sure these stories are shared as widely as possible. 

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