H2O Digital specializes in delivering advanced digital marketing solutions for brands and their franchisees.

Our Multi-Unit Franchise Digital Marketing Programs address the goals of each individual franchise location as well as the parent brand/franchisor. The local level can include online leads, foot traffic, and local search listing, while the larger marketing objectives of the parent brand/franchisor focus on building national/global awareness and maintaining brand guideline compliance and consistency.

The model we’ve created takes into account that each hyper-local market is unique and has individual challenges, therefore, requires marketing messages and digital marketing strategies that speak to those nuances.

In this day and age, allowing franchisees to go rogue with their marketing efforts can sometimes have a negative impact on the brand’s reputation.

Our agency has spent years developing and fine-tuning a blended approach to assist brands and their franchisee networks leverage digital marketing to grow the brand and franchisee’s business concurrently.

Driving online traffic to your website or landing pages through hyper-local ad campaigns with Google Ads, Facebook + Instagram & YouTube.
Real-time monitoring & management of customer reviews, inquiries and engagement on Google, Facebook, Instagram & Yelp.
Strategic planning and daily community management of social media accounts at local, territory and/or national levels.
Development and delivery of geofenced and location-based ads designed to target nearby customers and drive foot traffic to stores.
Establishing top positioning in search engine results for local business listings, including Google MyBusiness Listing optimization.
Email marketing campaigns to maintain communication with prospective customers further down the lead funnel.

NATIONAL & Corporate programs

Centralized digital programs working  directly with corporate head offices on planning and execution.  
regional / Multi-Unit programs
We work closely with Territory Leaders and Multi-Unit owners on developing and managing marketing programs with a regional-focus. 
hyper-local programs & campaigns
Partnering with franchisees/owners directly with a focus on building hyper-local digital marketing campaigns.

How far will H2O go in order to ensure the marketing strategy we create for your brand is effective?

H2O is the digital Agency of Record for Orangetheory Fitness Canada, beginning with our first local studio in 2015. Now, in 2020, we work with over 80 studios across the country.

While Orangetheory is a large company, we need to execute at a hyper-local level for both the social and digital marketing strategy. This includes addressing the unique characteristics and demographics of each franchise while keeping the integrity of the Orangetheory brand intact.

To begin, we collaborate with each individual franchise beginning from the time of pre-sale in order to better understand their needs, goals, and objectives. We deep dive into what is unique about each community and create compelling, engaging content that has a grassroots feel. This content serves a dual purpose; to help members to connect with one another online, which then transfers into a sense of community within each studio. Lastly, we invest in a solid content distribution plan to connect the content to grow the customer base.

And, in answer to the question how far our team will go to create an effective marketing strategy.
Our team not only markets the brand, we are all members at various local Orangetheory studios. We live in the community we create.

Different franchises require different digital strategies.

H2O is the agency of record for aroma canada, a franchise with 41 locations across Ontario. Unlike Orangetheory where we develop and run independent campaigns for each studio, with aroma we work directly with the Franchisor to develop and deliver regional social and digital marketing campaigns to reach customers and drive foot traffic into the various locations.

The strategy includes daily social media content to build community, loyalty, and engagement to keep aroma top of mind as the go-to spot for fresh coffee, house-baked pastries, wholesome salads, sandwiches, and breakfast.

2020 offered an additional challenge, as aroma had to close their doors in the spring due to COVID-19. In a short period of time, we created a new advertising campaign to drive orders via take out and free contactless delivery, offers through app services, and giveaways. We did another quick pivot when restaurants were allowed to reopen to help aroma gain traction with patio dining. We will continue to work with them and adapt accordingly in this ever-changing environment.

It’s what great agencies do.

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